Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church

3876 Harrowsmith Road
The winter 2019 league will run from January 4th to March 31st and will encompass approximately 12 dates. Once again, KPC will be subsidizing the cost to make it more affordable for members.

Members may join any two of the following sessions:

Friday: 4-6 PM Recreational play, 15 spots available cost $20 (currently only accepting spares)
Friday: 7-10 PM Advanced play, 18 spots available cost $25 (currently only accepting spares)

Saturday: 8–10 AM Drills open to all levels 12 spots available cost $20 (plenty of spots available!)
Saturday: 10-12 Noon King of the court, open to all levels 15 spots available cost $20

King of the court will have a bottom, middle and top court, if you win you move up and split from your partner, if you lose you move down and split from your partner. This is a fun format that will give you a chance to play with many different people while incorporating a little competitive edge.

Sign up will be first come first served, you can sign up by emailing to leagues@kingstonpickleball.com
We will be creating a spares list for when people can not attend a session on a regular basis. Spares will pay a fee of $5 each time they play, to a maximum of $20 per session. Spares can indicate their availability via Benchapp and will be invited/accepted when there is room.
Payments can be made by cash or via eTransfer to leagues@kingstonpickleball.com